Special Offert for Massage in Rome

Doma Luxury Spa is the Spa and Massage Center in  Piazza Navona in Rome


For to take advantage of the discount when you call us for make an appointment communicate this discount code DOMAINROME


Wellness program including jacuzzi, turkish bath, experience showers and massage private suites. Chromotherapy in each suite provide a clear break from the hectic pace of everyday life.

More than 35 types of massages, on bed, on futons on the floor, on chairs, in the water, Doma Spa is the home of the massage.

Doma Spa respects the  opening hours  optimal for those working in the area or travel. We are open every day all day, from  10.30 AM to 10.30 PM


You can choose different type of massage. As a welcome gift, doma spa offers you a special discount:

Swedish Massage >

60 min 

price: 120 euro

80 EUR

The Swedish massage, in addition to the benefits physically, so it is also good for the aspects of  psychological well-being  and ‘ self-esteem.


Riflexology >

45 min

price: 120 euro

80 EUR

In the feet and hands, there are reflex zones connected to all parts of the body; through the lower and upper extremities it is therefore possible to stimulate the entire organism . The feet have reflex areas on the plant, on the back and even on the edges.


Deep Tissue Massage

60 min

price: 180 euro

100 EUR

This massage uses many movements and techniques of Swedish massage , but the pressure is more intense: The therapist or the therapist works to release chronic muscle tension and knots (adhesions). It performs real detachments to oxygenate the tissue underneath.


Bamboo Massage >

60 min

price: 140 euro

100 EUR

In this massage the therapist uses Bamboo. 


Psicosomatic Massage > 60 min

price: 200 euro

120 EUR

The Psicosomatic Massage is a holistic treatment designed to confront the challenges of body and mind worn by everyday life today. This technique draws its maneuvers by centuries of oriental history as the “traditional Chinese medicine”, the “Ayurvedic medicine”, shiatsu and more.


Classic Relaxing Massage>

60 min

price: 150 euro

120 EUR

The relaxing massage technique gives a feeling of  deep relaxation . It ‘a great help to be able to  regain possession of body parts ignored or denied , and increasing the awareness and sensitivity of the body.


Hammam with Savonage >

70 min

price: 320 euro

150 EUR

purification + the ritual Berber with Argan oils + you immersed in the pool of Spa Doma, your masseuse will start off … with sponges … a real wash … with respect, delicacy and care that must be accorded to an emperor. They will massage your back, the area cranial sacral and hands.


Luxury Massage on Fouton >

60 min

price: 200 euro

150 EUR

Doma Massage is the luxury massage that best represents the Doma Spa philosophy. It ‘a massage that you run on the ground, on the futon or on the couch, it combines 7 massage techniques in just 60 minutes. And ‘A massage in which the ” Domina “, your masseuse, unable to let go and to start a trip … in time …. with you.


Rite of Empire (Massage in  jacuzzi with Therapist) >

70 min

price: 260 euro

200 EUR

he Rite of the Emperor is one of the best massages of Doma Spa. Here, your masseuse will really treat you like a Roman emperor. It ‘a ritual because it consists of several stages. The masseuse enters the water with you … Here your body is light, and the operator is able to perform de-contracting maneuvers and truly unique relaxation.


Total Body Massage >

60 min

price: 320 euro

200 EUR

The Secret Body Massage is a ” Body Massage “, melee , a massage with warm oils, in which the operator uses his whole body to massage. Only some of the masseuses Doma Spa performing this massage, because it requires a  technical  and a  concentration  very intense.

Couple Massage 

Spa Romantica for couple >

90 min

price: 240 euro for person

120 EUR for person

  • glimpse relaxing or relaxant 60-minute
  • Up to 20 minutes of Turkish Bath
  • tropical Shower

Each path includes a courtesy kit with disposable slippers, pants and robe. You should bring a costume.


Spa dei Patrizi for couple >

120 min

price: 150 euro for person

100 EUR for person

  • entry to  the private spa area  that includes a hot color therapy, aromatherapy, emotional shower and turkish bath
  • savonage total body carried out by the operator
  • possibility to choose the massage of 45 minutes  between Californian, lomi lomi massage, bamboo massage, bioemozionale
  • drink to be consumed at the poolside

Local Massage

Foot Massage >

start to 20 min

price: 2o min 60 euro

30 EUR


Back Massage >

start to 30 min

price: 30 min > 100 euro

50 EUR


For to take advantage of the discount when you call us for make an appointment communicate this discount code DOMAINROME

Choose your masseuse

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At Doma Spa choose your masseuse

We would like to clarify that our masseuses are all  professional with recognized certificates and proven track record. You will learn to know and to  choose your masseuse  according to ‘empathy that will develop.

If you want to express your preference when booking or foul in the test massage . Will we point you in when your masseuse will be available for a massage session.

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